woman looking at her face in a mirror


Published February 21, 2023

In winter, the skin tends to look dull and needs comfort, making it the perfect time to enjoy a skincare mask. There are endless opportunities to apply a mask during the day: while scrolling through your social media feed, cooking, watching the most popular streaming series, or reading a good book.

If you need help deciding on a mask, here’s an overview of fan-favorite FILORGA masks.  


This exfoliating mask provides a real sensory experience with its unique cream texture that transforms into an active skincare mousse. The result? The skin is reoxygenated and radiant, and the complexion is even.


Looking for a mask with an instant complexion-evening effect? We recommend applying a generous layer of this perfecting mask. The result? In 10 minutes flat, you will have naturally beautiful-looking skin.


This radiance-revealing mask is a smooth cream enriched with collagen and elastin. Apply in a generous layer over the entire face, eye contour, neck and chest line for 15 to 30 minutes, for a unique moment of relaxation. The result? Signs of tiredness are diminished, the complexion is illuminated, and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.

Your winter evenings have never been so enjoyable with this beauty step.