Woman applying eye cream


Published January 3, 2023

It’s a new year, and it deserves a new skincare routine. Looking for some guidance from an expert? Look no further! Today we’ve got a special treat. We’re featuring insights from Véronique, International Training Director of Laboratoires FILORGA. In this article, Véronique shares her go-to routine that helps keep her complexion looking beautiful and vibrant—no matter what life throws at it! Get ready to find out which products you need to add into your own arsenal of timeless classics! 

FILORGA: Can you describe your skincare routine?

Véronique: Yes, the first essential step is to cleanse my skin in the morning and in the evening with the FOAM CLEANSER.

Then I apply NCEF-ESSENCE with the palms of my hands, a product that will moisturize my skin and smooth my features. In addition, the essence will promote the penetration of my skin care products.

In the morning and evening, I apply a serum, which will be different according to the season and the needs of my skin. And an eye cream to be applied after the serum and before a face cream.

I currently use the HYDRA-HYAL SERUM with TIME-FILLER 5-XP CREAM-GEL in the morning because I have combination skin. For the eye contour, OPTIM-EYES for its freshness and anti-dark circle action.

And in the evening, the TIME-FILLER INTENSIVE serum with SLEEP & LIFT cream. And for the eye contour, NCEF-REVERSE EYES, a very complete care that will act on wrinkles, lack of firmness, dark circles, puffiness, and radiance.

FILORGA: Can you give us your ultimate beauty tip?

Véronique: Once or twice a week, I use the SCRUB & MASK to remove dead cells from my skin and oxygenate it, followed by the NCEF-INTENSIVE serum and then MESO-MASK over the serum, a tip to guarantee a radiant complexion and smooth, relaxed skin

FILORGA: And on the contrary, what is the practice, in your opinion, that should be avoided at any cost to keep a beautiful skin?

Véronique: Avoid using products that are not adapted to your skin type and needs, hence the importance of making a skin diagnosis with an expert. And of course, never skip skin cleansing morning and evening.

FILORGA: Finally, if you could only keep one of FILORGA's favorite products, which one would it be and why?

Véronique: The choice is very difficult, but I would choose the NCEF-REVERSE cream, highly concentrated with a poly-revitalizing complex, which can be used morning and evening. It's a cream with a sensorial texture that leaves a matt finish and acts on wrinkles, firmness, and radiance.


Armed with Véronique’s beauty tips, you are ready to stock your bathroom with skincare products for radiant skin in the new year. All in all, incorporating the right products into your routine can be highly beneficial and rewarding in the long run. Taking the time and energy to learn about what works best for your skin will surely pay off.