Filorga Age-Purify Clean, Mask, Intesnsive, and Fluid standing up on marble counter


Published February 15, 2023

An estimated 1 in 2 women between the age of 20 and 40 has oily skin and mild to severe acne.* Studies have shown that imperfections are more than just a skin concern and can affect people’s self-confidence.

The first signs of aging also start to appear from the age of thirty.

To tackle this double concern, Laboratoires FILORGA, the anti-aging expert, has developed a new collection of products with aesthetic doctors and dermatologists** to correct both wrinkles and imperfections: AGE-PURIFY.

Genetics, hormones, stress, diet, pollution, wearing a mask: there are many causes of acne.


1. The essential step for clear skin: cleansing! AGE-PURIFY CLEAN helps to eliminate impurities, excess sebum, and dead cells to prevent the appearance of imperfections.

2. Wash your hands before applying skincare and avoid touching your face as much as possible during the day.

3. Adapt your diet. Studies have shown a correlation between the appearance of imperfections and a diet rich in dairy products and sugar.

4. If you use make-up brushes, wash your brushes at least once a week to prevent bacteria from spreading.

5. Adapt your cosmetics routine to your menstrual cycle. Studies have shown a peak in sebum production one week before a period starts. Use our AGE-PURIFY MASK around that time to control excess sebum.

6. For those with combination to oily skin, it is still important to moisturize the skin. The AGE-PURIFY INTENSIVE serum and AGE-PURIFY fluid have moisturizing and mattifying textures to prevent the skin from looking shiny during the day. These skincare products correct both wrinkles and imperfections for smoother and clearer skin.

By following these helpful tips you can prevent the appearance of imperfections.

*International Dermal Institute 2019.

**Based on recommendations.