The TIME-FILLER Collection features aesthetic medicine-inspired products focused on wrinkle correction


Published May 20, 2024 

Aging is a natural part of life, but it’s also something many of us wish we could slow down. Enter our TIME-FILLER Collection, a groundbreaking line of skincare products inspired by aesthetic medicine. Designed as an intensive treatment for various types of wrinkles, this collection has become a go-to for anti-aging seekers who crave visible, lasting results. But what sets the TIME-FILLER Collection apart? In this article, we’ll explore the inspiration behind these innovative products and delve into the key ingredients that make them so effective.



FILORGA has long been a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, bringing clinical expertise to cosmetic skincare. The TIME-FILLER Collection is no exception. Inspired by cutting-edge techniques commonly used in aesthetic clinics, this product range aims to visibly correct five types of wrinkles, offering an at-home solution with visible results in seven days. 

The core formula is inspired by five aesthetic medicine techniques to tackle five types of wrinkles:  

1. Surface Wrinkles: Inspired by chemical peel treatments, the products feature resurfacing active ingredients to smooth the outer layer of the skin.

2. Dehydration Wrinkles: Drawing inspiration from revitalization injections, the products include revitalizing ingredients that rehydrate and improve overall skin quality.

3. Expression Wrinkles: Mimicking the effects of botulinum toxin injections, the products feature relaxing peptides to ease muscle tension and soften expression lines.

4. Deep Wrinkles: Utilizing plumping hyaluronic acid inspired by filler injections, the products target deeply embedded wrinkles to restore youthful fullness to the face.

5. Neck Wrinkles: Integrating a restructuring active ingredient inspired by tensor threads, the products address the often-overlooked neck area for a comprehensive anti-aging solution.


The TIME-FILLER Collection comprises seven unique products, each meticulously designed to target specific types of wrinkles and deliver unparalleled results.


The anti-aging face lotion is designed to leave the skin smoother, rehydrated, and radiant. This essence serves as the cornerstone of your daily beauty routine, enhancing the benefits of subsequent products.

Key Ingredients:

- Collagen-Boosting Plant Extract: Similar to retinol, this extract is renowned for its anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties.

- Hydrating Complex: Mimics the skin’s natural ability to retain water, providing 24-hour hydration and a reinforced skin barrier.

- Radiance Duo: Comprising revitalizing NCEF and gluconolactone, this duo removes dead skin cells and enhances skin luminosity.


This anti-aging face serum offers an intensive treatment for five types of wrinkles, employing an expert formula to simultaneously target different problem areas.

Key Ingredients:

- Sea Fennel Extract & Plant Extract: Smooth surface wrinkles and reduce dehydration wrinkles.

- Relaxing Hexapeptide & Tightening Polysaccharides: Relax and smooth expression wrinkles.

- Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid & Plumping Peptides: Plumps up deep wrinkles.

- Restructuring Active Ingredient: Smooths out neck wrinkles.


An intensive facial serum, TIME-FILLER SHOT 5XP targets the first signs of expression lines with a highly concentrated formula (60% active ingredients).

Key Ingredients:

- A Patented Neuropeptide Complex (Hexapeptide & Octapeptide): Recreates the muscle-relaxing effect of botulinum toxin injections to smooth five expression lines. 

- Natural Protective Polysaccharides: Provide immediate and long-lasting hydration and enhance the penetration of active ingredients.

- A Toning Marine Ferment: Improves muscle tone and skin firmness.


This multi-correction anti-wrinkle cream targets five areas around the eyes: crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles, frown lines, sagging eyelids, and dark circles.

Key Ingredients:

- Relaxing Peptide: Relaxes facial muscles to smooth frown lines. 

- Sea Fennel: Smooths surface wrinkles without irritating the delicate skin around the eye

- NCEF & Water-Retaining Plant Extract: Hydrates and intensely plumps under-eye wrinkles. 

- Orchid Stem Cells: Stimulate the production of both collagen and elastin, which lift sagging folds, firm and smooth eyelids, and open up the eye area. 

- Silk Tree Extract: Minimizes leaks from capillaries and the accumulation of pigments responsible for the color of dark circles. 


Our best-selling anti-wrinkle face and neck cream tackles five types of wrinkles thanks to a powerful cocktail of active ingredients.

Key Ingredients:

- Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid: Smooth expression lines and plump deep wrinkles.

- Sea Fennel & Imperata Plant Extract: Smooth surface and dehydration wrinkles.

- Kangaroo Flower Extract: Smooth neck wrinkles.


The multi-correction face and neck cream designed to visibly reduce all types of wrinkles, night after night.

Key ingredients:

- Peptide & Hyaluronic Acid: Relax expression lines and plump deep wrinkles.

- Sea Fennel & Imperata Plant Extract: Smooth surface and dehydration wrinkles.

- Dill extract & Reviving Passion Fruit Extract: Correct signs of fatigue like pillow marks and puffy features.


The anti-aging sheet mask is infused with a concentrated serum, which leaves skin smoother and visibly younger-looking in 15 minutes.

Key ingredients:

-  Natural Collagen & Active Tensors: Plump the skin and smooth the features.

- Cell Booster: Stimulates skin regeneration for a reinforced anti-aging action.

Plus, black fiber technology allows the mask to perfectly adhere to the curves of the face to promote the absorption of the active ingredients. 


For optimal results, it is crucial to integrate the TIME-FILLER products into a consistent daily skincare regimen. Here’s a recommended routine to maximize the benefits:


- Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

- Apply TIME-FILLER ESSENCE to prepare your skin for better absorption of subsequent products.

- Follow with TIME-FILLER SHOT 5XP if you're only seeing the first signs of wrinkles or TIME-FILLER INTENSIVE serum to target multiple types of wrinkles.

- Don’t forget to apply TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP around the eye area.

- Use TIME-FILLER 5XP to lock in moisture and reinforce the skin barrier.

- Finish with sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage.


- Double cleanse your skin with micellar water and a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and hydrate the skin.

- Re-apply TIME-FILLER ESSENCE to refresh and hydrate your skin.

- Use TIME-FILLER SHOT 5XP to target expression lines or TIME-FILLER INTENSIVE serum for an intensive anti-aging treatment.

- Again, use TIME-FILLER EYES 5XP around the eyes for comprehensive care.

- Apply TIME-FILLER NIGHT for overnight hydration and wrinkle reduction.

By following these steps regularly, you can maintain the youthful, revitalized skin the TIME-FILLER Collection is designed to deliver.

The TIME-FILLER Collection from FILORGA is more than just skincare; it’s a revolution in anti-aging. By drawing inspiration from advanced aesthetic medicine techniques and incorporating cutting-edge ingredients, this skincare collection offers an unparalleled solution for those looking to correct and prevent wrinkles. Discover the power of TIME-FILLER today and take the first step towards visibly younger-looking, smoother skin.

Ready to transform your skincare routine? Explore the TIME-FILLER Collection and experience the future of anti-aging.