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  • FILORGA HYDRA-AOX [5] closed pump bottle
  • FILORGA HYDRA-AOX [5] pipette showing naturally colored orange serum
  • Before and after FILORGA HYDRA-AOX [5] - Day 0 and Day 28
  • FILORGA HYDRA-AOX [5] 5 powerful anti-aging antioxidants
  • 90% of women observed results after 7 days of HYDRA-AOX [5]
  • Video showing results from using FILORGA HYDRA-AOX [5]
  • FILORGA HYDRA-AOX [5] - Younger looking skin for longer with bottle and dropper on orange background
  • FILORGA HYDRA Collection showing how HYDRA-AOX [5] fits
  • FILORGA HYDRA-AOX [5] naturally orange lightweight texture
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HYDRA-AOX [5] serum contains the power of 5 antioxidants to protect the skin from external aggressors* and Hyaluronic Acid to correct the first signs of aging.

Fights against exposome (environmental exposure) changes to defend, protect, and restore skin barrier integrity. 

  • DEFEND - natural astaxanthin + ergothioneine (thiotain)
  • PROTECT - stabilized vitamin C (no photosensitivity) + bioavailable Vitamin E 
  • RESTORE - integrity supporting vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) + low molecular hyaluronic acid + NCEF to plump the skin. 

HYDRA-AOX [5] is inspired by prejuvenation, a preventative protocol that combines a good skincare routine with non-surgical treatments to help promote collagen production and support the skin barrier. Our anti-aging serum was designed to delay aging symptoms for as long as possible and fight against external factors and oxidation that causes 75% of skin aging:  

  • Environmental Factors: 
    • UV Rays 
    • Pollution 
    • Weather changes
  • Behavioral Factors 
    • Blue light from electronic devices
    • Unbalanced diet 
    • Lack of sleep
    • Smoking 

Proven effectiveness from the 1st use. 

  • 1st application - 24hr protection against external aggressors 
  • 7 days - tightened pores, smoothed, transparent, and even skin 

This antioxidant daily serum is for everyone, and is especially important for early use in anti-aging to:  

  • Smooth fine lines & skin texture 
  • Even and brighten 
  • Tighten pores
  • Have 24hr antioxidant protection 

5 Youthful Skin Quality Factors 

Results seen by women after 7 days of use[1] : 

100% Smoothed Skin Texture 

96% Smoothed Fine Lines

78% Reduced Pores

96% Hydrated Skin 

90% Illuminated Skin 

When using HYDRA-AOX [5] it is recommended to use UV Protection/sunscreen as the last step in your daily skincare routine. 

30ml pump bottle

*Ex-vivo test on skin explants with HYDRA-AOX [5].

[1] Self-evaluation - 32 volunteers - results after 7 days of application of HYDRA-AOX [5]