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 Our LIFT-MASK adheres perfectly to the curves of the face and infuses the skin with active ingredients for an instant tightening action. 

The unique core formula of Plasmatic Lifting Factors contains three types of active ingredients used in injections: 

  • Plasma rich in cellular growth factors from the plant extract Curcuma longa rhizome (Turmeric)
    • ACTION: Tissue toning - stimulates cells’ ability for renewal and restores the processes of elastin and collagen synthesis.  
  • Marine-origin collagen of identical structure to the collagen found naturally in the skin 
    • ACTION: Facial resculpting - boosts the natural collagen reserves and compensates for the loss of physiological collagen observed during aging.  
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid produced by a bio-fermentation process.
    • ACTION: Intensive Plumping - the filling properties of hyaluronic acid swells to lift the sunken areas on the skin and recreate lost volume and redefine the facial contours. 




  • Antioxidant Polyphenols from Sophora japonica extract, an ancestral flower used in traditional Chinese medicine, stimulates the skin’s natural defense systems to protect and regenerate it. 
    • ACTION: Anti-aging regeneration - boost the regeneration rate of the keratinocytes and fibroblasts to combat the slowing of the cell mechanism. Skin aging is slowed down. 




Intensive Anti-Aging* 

-18% Crows Feet Wrinkles

-16% Forehead Wrinkles 

+17% Firmness

*Clinical Scoring by 30 volunteers after 3 applications 


Surprising Lift Effectiveness** 

93% Skin is Smoother 

90% Skin is More Toned 

87% Face is Younger

100% of women** praised the texture of the mask saying it had a: 

  • Refreshing texture 
  • Pleasant texture 
  • “Second-skin” effect 

**Self-Assessment by 30 volunteers after 1 application