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  • FILORGA LIFT-STRUCTURE RADIANCE closed pink bottle with silver cap
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  • Dark and light skin tone hands holding FILORGA LIFT-STRUCTURE RADIANCE
  • Forehead Before and After LIFT-STRUCTURE RADIANCE after 56 days of 1x daily application
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This ultra-lifting fluid provides a rosy glow and treats skin slackening and loss of radiance. 

FILORGA introduces Plasmatic Lifting Factors - a breakthrough complex of active ingredients used in injections and featured in a cosmetic skincare range for the first time! Visible lifting effect after 7 days* 

Plasmatic Lifting Factors are made up of: 

  • Cellular Factors - A plant sourced plasma from Curcuma longa rhizome (Turmeric) contains a powerful concentrate of cellular growth factors that stimulates cell renewal ability that tones the skin from the inside and tightens facial features. 
  • Collagen - Of natural marine-origin, its structure is identical to collagen found naturally in skin and creates an  intensive plumping effect to offset the loss of collagen during aging
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Cross-linked with konjac to increase hygroscopic properties (ability to absorb moisture) creates a powerful filling effect to plump hollow looking areas of the face to recreate lost volume and redefines facial contours. 

Chroma-Youth 3T color-control complex corrects 3 types of complexion irregularities: 

  • Gray Undertones - Kertolytic papain (a papaya enzyme that breaks down keratin) eliminates dead and dull cells from the skin’s surface with a gentle exfoliation that is better than salicylic acid. 
  • Yellow Undertones - Anti-glycan peptide protects skin proteins from glycation and blocks the action of glycation causing sugars while repairing proteins that are already glycated to restore them to their original state. Restores firmness and elasticity  
  • Red Undertones - A toning plant sourced active ingredient - Centella asiatica extract (Indian Pennywort | Asiatica Pennywort | Gotu Kola) - soothes inflammation and regulates vasodilation by targeting collagen and laminin, which repair and stabilize blood capillaries. High in antioxidants, it helps combat environmental aggressors. 

Radiance Activator - activates the skin’s natural pink-hued radiance for an instant enhancing effect:

  • Goji berries - this super food contains 11 essential minerals + 22 trace elements and essential vitamins to re-energize cellular mechanisms. Powerful antioxidants combat free radicals by inhibiting oxidation of skin 
  • Essential minerals from  unique deep-sea water from France that contains magnesium, calcium, iron lithium, manganese, potassium, zinc, boron, silica and more to remineralize, detoxify and strengthen skin - revitalize and restore skin’s radiance
  • A blend of 4 precisely dosed fine pearlescent particles blend flawlessly into the skin to create a healthy glow. 

100% of women said this is a shade that is suitable for ALL skin tones*

81% of women said that LIFT STRUCTURE RADIANCE allows them to wear less makeup*

Women also observed:** 

  • Smoother Skin 92%
  • Firmer Skin 73%  
  • More radiant skin 100%
  • Beautiful bare skin 100%

*Self Assessment - 37 volunteers, phototypes I to VI after 1 application 

**Self-assessment - 37 volunteers, phototypes I to VI after 28 days of application 1x/day in the morning