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A daily dose of NCEF-SHOT contains active ingredients equivalent to 1 meso-injection (1) concentrated in an intensive regenerating treatment to improve skin quality and boost the correction of signs of aging in 10 days.*

The secret of this anti-wrinkle facial treatment is the ultra-concentrated formula in NCEF, a unique polyrevitalizing complex developed by FILORGA Laboratories, of which 50 ingredients are integrated at a dose equivalent to that of a meso-injection per day (1).

This powerful complex is the result of biotechnologies that activate new cells for a boosted correction of the signs of aging. Ideal during changes of seasons, and periods of stress or fatigue. Visible wrinkle correction and increase in firmness and radiance. 

Ultra-light texture, high penetration. 15ml pipette bottle.

(1) Efficacy of a cosmetic treatment whose formula is composed of 50 ingredients integrated in daily quantities equivalent to that of a meso-injection. Meso-injection originally developed by FILORGA.

*Self-assessment – 30 subjects – after 10 days of twice-daily application