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SKIN-UNIFY RADIANCE is a hybrid, iridescent formula that is half skin-care, half-illuminator. Inspired by 3 aesthetic medicine techniques, it recreates areas of light on the face and perfects the complexion*

Our  illuminating and even skin tone face care fluid contains a core cosmetic formula inspired by laser treatments, peels and medical strobing - a new radiance-revealing aesthetic technique. The cutting-edge active ingredients even out the complexion and plump the skin so that it can better reflect light. The iridescent pearly particles in the texture give the skin a subtle luminous glow for immediate radiance.

Illuminating  [inspired by medical strobing]  A plumping encapsulated high molecular weight hyaluronic acid highlights key areas of the face and optimizes light reflection. Infused with iridescent pearls that reflect light to create an instant glow.

Complexion-perfecting action [inspired by laser treatments + peels]  Skin tone correcting active ingredients [vitamin C + glabridin + seaweed extract] combine with a plant-based resurfacing active ingredient to reveal a perfect complexion.

0.5 fl oz applicator tube

*cosmetic effectiveness