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  • TIME-FILLER ESSENCE closed white bottle with silver cap
  • TIME-FILLER ESSENCE - Water, fresh, ultral light texture suitable for all skin types
  • TIME-FILLER ESSENCE - Apply in the palm of your hand and pat all over the face until product is completetly absorbed
  • TIME-FILLER ESSENCE contains a Retinol-like extract that is a collagen booster
  • TIME-FILLER ESSENCE Results: 90% fresh and hydrated skin (1), 24 hour moisturization(2) seen after first use
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TIME-FILLER ESSENCE acts on all types of wrinkles on the face and neck and reactivates your natural collagen for smoothed skin.  Essences are at the heart of Asian skincare routines and are an essential step to prepare the skin and boost the effectiveness to optimize your skincare routine.

Our Hydrating Complex Formula contains: 

NCEF + Gluconolactone, a natural, gentle multi-purpose exfoliant

- Prepares the skin and helps ingredients of serums and creams penetrate for revitalized and radiant skin.

- Removes dead skin cells from the surface of skin and moisturizes by inhibiting water loss and drawing water into the epidermis.

NMF-like Complex - for deep and instant hydration 

- Skin Identical carbohydrate complex similar to NMF (natural moisturizing factors) found in the stratum corneum that ensures hydration of the upper layer of skin 

- Mimics the skin’s natural ability to lock in moisture, it absorbs water and provides long lasting hydration. Reinforces skin barrier and moisturizes for 24 hours 


Hyaluronic Acid + Glycerin - high molecular weight HA for skin protection and a high percentage of glycerin for hydration 

Vitamin A Retinol-llike Plant Extract from Moth Bean (vigna aconitifolia) - a Collagen Booster for smoothed skin

- Moth bean has proven effects similar to retinol and uses a comparable mechanism of action, which provides equivalent anti-wrinkle and smoothing performance with improved tolerance and better stability. 

- Stimulates and increases the release of HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor), a messenger released by fibroblasts to stimulate growth of keratinocytes and consequently renewal of the epidermis. 

- Stimulates collagen synthesis - enhances release of soluble factors, which are able to stimulate more collagen synthesis by fibroblasts than vitamin C. 

Texture is watery, fresh, and ultra-light which leaves the skin comfortable and instantly saturated in hydration

150ml bottle 


Immediate results after the first use: 

- 90% of women observed fresh and hydrated skin (1)

- 24 hrs. Moisturization(2) 

    +64% Moisturization after 30 minutes 

After 28 days of use(1)

- 84% saw Smoothed Skin 

- 93% saw Illuminated Skin 

- 89% saw More Hydrated Skin 

- 84% saw Improved Skin Elasticity

- 90% saw Revitalized Skin

(1)Self-assessment - 70 volunteers - results after the first use.

(2)Clinical study, observed by doctors - 20 volunteers - results after a single application