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  • FILORGA TIME-FILLER SHOT 5-XP closed bottle
  • FILORGA TIME-FILLER SHOT 5-XP smooths 5 expression lines in 7 days
  • FILORGA TIME-FILLER SHOT 5-XP Crow's feet Before and After 84 days
  • 84% of women observed relaxed features in 7 days with FILORGA TIME-FILLER SHOT 5-XP
  • How to apply FILORGA TIME-FILLER SHOT 5-XP morning and evening
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TIME-FILLER SHOT 5-XP is for those who are concerned by their expression lines and are not ready for injections yet, or are looking for a cosmetic alternative or supplement.

This is FILORGA’s first serum inspired by botulinum toxin injections created to correct 5 Expression Lines: 

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines (aka 11s)  
  • Upper lip lines 
  • Marionette lines 

Our formula contains:  

  • A neuropeptide complex that smooths 
  • Natural protective polysaccharides for immediate, long-lasting hydration
  • A toning marine ferment for increased firmness

Ingredients and what they do: 

  • Octapeptide + Hexapeptide
    • Improves muscle relaxation
    • Reduces appearance of expression lines
    • Smooths rough skin and increases epidermal thickness  
  • Moisturizing Molecular Film
    • Forms on the skins’ surface for immediate and long-term hydration
    • Enhances the penetration of active ingredients
  • Marine Ferment
    • Improves muscle tone
    • Provides additional support for firmer skin

The zamac metal applicator allows for precise and targeted application and acts as a cooling massage tool for an uplifting effect.


Visible results observed by women* after 7 days of twice daily use:

  • 84% saw relaxed features
  • 87% saw smoother skin and a de-creasing effect
  • 93% indicated no new expression lines appeared after 14 days

*self-assessment by 32 women

Scientifically proven results via ex-vivo study:

  • After 6 days* - a 48% increase is epidermal thickness

*TIME-FILLER SHOT 5-XP was applied to skin explants for 4 days, then measured at 6 days.

Anti-wrinkle effectiveness was observed by doctors*:

After 7 days***:

-3.6% Forehead wrinkles

-6% Frown lines (11 lines)

-3.8% Crow’s feet wrinkles  

-5% Upper lip wrinkles 

-2% Marionette wrinkles 

Long term results: 

-25% Forehead wrinkles after 84 days***

-9.6% Frown lines (11 lines) after 14 days** 

-32% Crow’s feet wrinkles after 84 days***

-34% Upper lip wrinkles after 84 days*** 

-2.5% Marionette wrinkles after 14 days**

*based on 2x daily application 

**31 volunteers

***32 volunteers